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Prefer to just listen and not watch? Take me on the road with the below playlist.

Write-Ups 🧑🏼‍💻

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The Rise of Fractional Executives

Fractional Executives are having a moment – and for good reason. On the heels of the pandemic, we’ve seen a number of flexible work arrangements emerge: remote companies, part-time tech, and more freelance consulting than usual.


Sequential Advertising and Quality Content

Using a sequential advertising to create a narrative throughout your customer journey is another way to incorporate advertising personalization throughout your marketing funnel.

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Episode 19: Interview with Yuriy Timen

In the latest episode of the June Podcast, June CEO Enzo Avigo invited Yuriy Timen, a renowned growth advisor at companies such as Canva, Airtable,, Hims & Hers, Krisp, Jumbo, and Varo Bank, to discuss the future of moats, the impact of AI on marketing, and how the landscape of product development is evolving.

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Episode 19: Interview with Yuriy Timen

We discuss how Grammarly has grown from a small paid for product used by students to a widely available web app used by 10 million people.

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A Mobile Retrospective On Our First Year

We’ve recently brought our product to mobile in a unique and effective way, but it wasn’t without our fair share of trials and tribulations. Come learn about what we’ve done well, our biggest mistakes, and our most robust learnings.


How to Win in Consumer Subscription

The most common thread across every company was an obsession with efficiency—staying small, keeping costs down, and getting profitable. They all stayed lean until they found strong product-market fit and, in many cases, far beyond that.

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