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Building growth programs for start-ups and scale-ups.


My career spans three distinct chapters that have compounded to make me a decent growth advisor :).


Three years in banking and private equity, cranking out financial models and evaluating companies from the outside, followed by ~9yrs leading Growth and Marketing at Grammarly through hyper-scale (12 → 500 ppl; $200m raised; 30m DAUs), and most recently, I've spent~3 yrs advising technology companies across GTM, user acquisition, growth, and team building.

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Companies I've helped


Stuff I do


Growth Strategy & Roadmap

Develop a comprehensive, clear, and actionable growth strategy and 6-12 month roadmap across marketing and product levers. This will help you understand the projected impact, proper sequencing, and dependencies for each initiative.


Team Building & Coaching

Assess current team strengths and gaps, and help fill gaps by hiring or attracting outside resources—coaching and mentoring the existing team. Drive the hiring process for marketing and growth leadership roles, including working with recruiters, designing the interview process, and serving on the interview panel.


User Acquisition

Stand up new paid and organic user acquisition channels from zero to one, either by directing existing resources or bringing in relevant resources from my network. Specialties include paid search, paid social, display, YouTube, connected/linear TV, and influencers.

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Measurement & Attribution

Guide strategy and implementation on proper measurement of growth activities. Build the right dashboards and reports to monitor acquisition, retention, monetization, and LTV.

Build visual and quantitative growth models.


Product-Led Growth

Identify key product growth opportunities across acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization. Introduce best practices on ideation, prioritization, experiment design, growth pod processes, and measurement. Coach team on effectively managing an experiments backlog and running high-impact tests.

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Interim Head of Growth/CMO

Starts at 1 day/wk with the possibility to expand to up to 2 days/wk. Serve as your interim, fractional CGO or CMO. Develop strategy, interface with C-suite, manage the existing team and recruit for key roles.

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